Contact — a new book by Alphonso Lingis
Contact is a beautifully bound volume of 199 photos taken over forty years in as many places by Alphonso Lingis. In the accompanying text, Lingis describes how he uses the camera to make contact with people and events in Brazil, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Papua-New Guinea, Bangladesh, India, Bali, and many other places. He gives people the photos he takes of them; for many, it's the only photograph of themselves they will ever have. Forty years later, he vividly recalls these contacts.
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Alphonso Lingis is professor of philosophy at the Pennsylvania State University. His books include Excesses: Eros and Culture (1984), Libido: The French Existential Theories (1985), Phenomenological Explanations (1986), Deathbound Subjectivity (1989), The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common (1994), Abuses (1994), Foreign Bodies (1994), Sensation: Intelligibility in Sensibility (1995), The Imperative (1998), Dangerous Emotions (1999), Trust (2003), Body Modifications: Evolutions and Atavisms in Culture (2005), The First Person Singular (2007), and Violence and Splendor (2010).